*** 2020 SEASON UPDATE! ***

Season commences Saturday 20th June 2020

MiniRoos season will commence Saturday 20th June 2020 in line with COVID-19 Government and Football West guidelines. Season will continue throughout July school holidays and end with our Presentation Day early-mid October 2020 (TBC).

Please note the change to timing for Saturday mornings until further notice;


8:30am -9:30am. - Age Group 5/6s

10am - 11.30am - Age Group 7s


8:30am - 10am - Age Group 8s

10:30am - 12pm - Age Group 9s

Please reach out to the Age Group Coordinators for further information:

5/6s - Amanda Larsen

7s - David Walsh

8s - Kim Morrow  

9s - Nick Overkov


Season 2020 - Registrations are limited

In our discussions with the Council during the summer, the Council has made us aware of the significant impact the size of our club has on the availability of grounds.  This has resulted in the committee being forced to cap numbers this year and so you need to register your child promptly to avoid missing out on a place.

Registrations are now open. To register, please first go to our registration page.

What is MiniRoos?

Rooball at LS

Miniroos is essentially a small sided football program endorsed by Football West which is continually being assessed, supported and enhanced since its introduction in Australia back in 2007 by the FFA. The idea of Small Sided Football is not new, Small Sided Football is played and recognised throughout England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, France, Korea and USA, to name a few. Small Sided Football is a modified form of 11-a-side football, designed to meet the needs of players from 5s to 11s.

Our Murdoch University Melville Saturday Miniroos (5 - 9 yrs) play an intra-club competition at Len Shearer Reserve on Saturdays. The aim of MiniRoos is to give young girls and boys the maximum opportunity to participate in football, the world's most popular sport. As long as you are between 4 (turning 5 in 2020) and 9 years old, you can sign up to start playing Miniroos at MU Melville right now.

Click on the PDF icon to Download our MiniRoos Manualadobe icon

Why Mini Roos?

Small Sided Football is truly aimed at young people of all abilities, not simply the more talented players in each age group. With the emphasis on participation and enjoyment, and an associated removal of the emphasis on the importance of winning, children are much more likely to enjoy their football playing experience, will be keen to play more often and are less likely to drop out of the game.

The benefits to our kids playing Mini Roos include:

  • The improvement of fundamental motor skills;
  • The development of social skills through peer interactions;
  • Enforces the values of team work, cooperation, fair play, and respect for others;
  • Enhances a child's ability to make quick decisions and improves reaction time;
  • Not to mention the Health and wellbeing benefits from regular participation in outdoor exercise;



When is the Miniroos season?


 REVISED:  2020 MINIROOS SEASON DATES (may be subject to change)



Club Open Day

Sunday 16th February 2020

REVISED:   Orientation Day and First game of Season

Saturday 10th June 2020

Team Photos


Holiday Break Saturdays


Last Game & Presentation Day

Early- Mid Oct 2020 (TBC)






Why Murdoch University Melville and the intra-club model?

Every Saturday morning from May to September between 8:30am and noon, Len Shearer Reserve in Booragoon is abuzz with over 400 young players along with their parents, preparing for then playing scheduled MiniRoos matches.

  • Parents only need to travel to the same location each week they do not have a "home and away" situation.
  • There is less emphasis on competition as our games are in house and not against other clubs.
  • We offer a greater degree of flexibility in terms of being able to monitor, asses and or move players between teams if required.
  • The club can provide a greater level of support to game leaders, coaches and manager as they are all at the club's home ground rather than travelling to other clubs
  • There is a greater number of people at the ground each week which helps to share the load of the various roles enriching the kids' experience.

MU Melville Miniroos helps to build a strong, active local community and aims to ensure the health of future generations.

How is MiniRoos structured?

In Miniroos we have four age groupings, where we slowly develop and expand the training and matches as the children get older and more experienced. Age groups are generally directly reflective of child's DOB and the four groups are U5/6, U7, U8 and U9. Each registered Miniroos player will be allocated to a team for the season. Playing times are:

Age group

Year of birth 

Playing times



8:30 am – 9:30 am



8:30 am – 10:00 am


2012 8:30 am – 10:00 am



9:30 am – 11:00 am


U5/6 and U7 play short 4 v 4 matches on a small pitch with pop up goals and no goal keeper where U8 and U9 play 7 v 7 play longer length games on a slightly bigger pitch with larger goals and the introduction of goal keepers. Teams will usually include 1-2 reserves in addition to those on the pitch and substitutions can be rotated freely.

What's provided?

As part of the registration fee, each player is provided with a full uniform (MU Melville shirt, shorts and socks) for them to keep. Players must provide their own boots and shin pads. In the interest of safety we do operate a no shin pads no play policy. A boot bin recycling program is available if you might be looking for a pair of good quality second hand boots or your child has out grown a pair that someone may still get the use out of.

How you can help?

All we really ask of parents is your support and positive encouragement of the MiniRoos spirit; that is an emphasis on fun and participation rather than on winning!

Having said this however our club relies heavily on parent-helpers, everyone involved in the club is a volunteer and we do ask that you be mindful of this fact. We are always on the lookout for and need helpers, parent-coaches and managers, so please don't be shy to put your hand up and help out where possible there is always a place for parents on a Mini Roos team.

Volunteering for your club to support an activity your son or daughter is taking part in is truly a rewarding experience.

The rules of Small Sided Games are not complicated so even if you have never been involved in football before, you can still be involved. Having good personal and organisational skills are beneficial skills for parent coaches however the aim is allow the kids to learn through playing the game with minimal instruction. Our club does provides excellent opportunities and support for our parent coaches which allows them to learn and to build their coaching skills.

Our parent coaches are there to make the football experience of every player and their families in their team as enjoyable as possible, so please give them the respect that they deserve.