Get to Know More About Your Club - Murdoch University Melville FC Constitution

Every year the club commitee makes updates to the constitution to reflect current association laws, but also the ideals and values of the club.  Learn more about the club structure, objects under which we operate, key committee positions and duties, and policies.

Download a copy of the constitution here: adobe icon

Linesman and the Offside Rule

Offside Flag

For many parents, the prospect of running the lines is a daunting proposition, with fear of of ridicule, or worse, letting through a run towards goal when it should have been called as offside.  The following two links are useful for any parent new to the game, or as a refresher:

Interactive Lesson: the Offside rule

Offside Rule
Article: Running the Lines Running the Line page image tumbnail
Training Videos and Quizzes Linesman offside


Small Sided Games

Youth football is the grass roots of our glorious game.  FFA and FIFA have determined that in younger age groups, teams from 5-a-side create a more meaningful playing experience which increases touches of the ball and greater participation.

The PDF below outlines the philosphies and structure of the SSG format for our younger players.

adobe icon

Codes of Conduct and the Role of Parents In Youth Football

These two articles provide some insightful perspective of the support children should have in sport.

adobe icon The Sporting Parent's Poem

adobe icon A Message to Parents

At MUM FC we take sportsmanship and good behaviour seriously. As one of the leading and most inclusive Football clubs in WA, we hold all players, coaches, parents and volunteers to abide by policies of respect for each other, the visiting teams and match officials in the higest regard.

The club's Code of Conduct can be viewed here: adobe icon

Football West's RESPECT program applies across all players, coaches, managers and committee members. The RESPECT Program outline can be viewed here:adobe icon

Complaint form - to be completed and submitted to the club's exectuive committee: word icon 

Injury Prevention

The people at Healthway have provided the very useful information in this attachment which is good value for all players, coaches, managers, and parents about minimising injury in sport. (2MB)HealthyClublogo

adobe iconInjury Prevention Presentation

adobe iconThe “11+” is a complete warm-up programme designed to minimise injury. Guidelines to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older.


And if you do get injured - Claiming against Football West Insurance

On ground injuries will befall players of all ages and officials, and within your annual membership fees is an amount that goes towards insurance to cover out of pocket expenses above what is claimable from Medicare and your private health insurer.  Some quick guidelines:

  • Claims need to be submitted within 4 weeks of the incident
  • Retain copies of original letters, referrals, invoices
  • There is a $50 excess
  • You will receive up to 75% of the gap
  • Go to for claim forms and more detailed information.

adobe iconSerious Injury Report

Important Documents for all Members

Life Membership

All clubs have dedicated and hardworking committee members who contribute above and beyond the effort put in by the average member.  Life Membership is offered to a select two members each year.  The committee has clarified the rules by which Life Membership should be awarded.  For more information, read this document:

adobe iconLife Membership Criteria and Procedure

Grievance Policy and Procedure

On the whole, running Perth's largest football club is mostly free from interference and conflict.  We have over 100 volunteer coaches, managers, and committee members all playing their role in taking the club forward one game at a time.  However, sometimes, decisions made by our army of volunteers don't always go your way and you will be pleased to know that there is a fair and open process that is to be followed in such cases.  Please read our Grievance Policy and Procedure document that outlines for you the steps to be followed.  This policy forms part of the club's constitution and by membership in the club, all players and parents are bound by it. 

adobe iconGrievance Policy

Need help covering Registration fees?

There are options available to families in need. Click here for information on two such programs available through the City of Melville.

Financial Assistance

Disadvantaged Players

Murdoch University Melville FC openly promotes community inclusion and actively seeks to involve people of all abilities wherever possible. Accordingly, players who have a competitive disadvantage of:

  • physical
  • emotional, or
  • intellectual disadvantage

are encouraged to join our club, and where it assists with making the game accessible and enjoyable for such player, we welcome inquiries about the option to participate in a lower age group. Inquiries can be directed to Cornelia Major. Cornelia can be reached on 0435 098 458.

Club Song

To help celebrate great on-field performance, this song is often heard being sung post-match by our jubilant and trimphant teams.  It is sung to the tune of "Blaydon Races".

All the lads, you should have seen us coming

Everywhere was green and gold and everyone was running

All the lads and lasses with smiles upon their faces…



To hear what this sounds like, sorry we don't have a recording but this one is sort-of close.