Thalia Organ

During the recent female NTC challenge held in the eastern states a number of WA female players were identified by Gary Van Egmond (Assisting the Australian Womens teams). For those identified players the FFA staff have requested an extra weekly training session in a boys environment at a club where the culture and environment is conducive to making players better.  After discussions between football west and Mark Jones the MUM FC Technical Director, MUM FC was quickly selected.  Starting this week (20th Aug) Thalia Organ will commence training with Marcus Edwards U18s Mens state league coach.

Thalia is a student on the Soccer excellence program at John Curtin College of the Arts and Gavin Brown our Mens State League coach is one of the full time coaches on that program.  Gavin said he is delighted to welcome Thalia who has shown she is ready for the next level of challenge. He has no doubt she will benefit from exposure to the environment at MUM FC.

Dave Kindness, MUM FC club president said “On behalf of MUM FC, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Thalia and I hope she enjoys her stay with us. I know you are in good hands”